Mischa Plunkett Jackson


Mischa Plunkett Jackson, Chookangee Tláa, is Tlingit, and an Assistant Professor of Secondary Education at UAS. Prior to her hire at UAS she was a social studies teacher at Juneau-Douglas High School, and previously worked with the Tlingit and Haida Johnson O’Malley Program and Sealaska Heritage Institute in Juneau. She is a graduate of UAS, Temple University, and UC Santa Cruz. Born in Anchorage, Mischa’s roots are found throughout Southeast Alaska: She is Shangukeidí (Thunderbird Clan) from the House Lowered from the Sun in Klukwan, and her mom, Carmen Quinto-Plunkett, was born and raised in Juneau. She is connected to many villages and families through her husband Josh Jackson (T’akdéintaan), and they are raising their three little thunderbird girls on the land of the A’akw Kwáan.