Rochelle Smallwood


My name is Rochelle Smallwood, and my Tlingit name is Yeeskanaalx Tláa (Mother of the Chief). I am Tlingit, Áak’w Kwáan (People from the Little Lake), L’eeneidi (Raven-Dog Salmon), and I am from the Yaxté Hít (Big Dipper House). I was born and raised in my ancestor’s homeland in Aak’w Kwáan Aaní (Juneau, Alaska). I am currently pursuing a BLA degree with a focus in Art and Alaska Native Languages and Studies. I am a Haa Yoo X̱’atángi Deiyí: Our Language Pathway scholar working on a language revitalization program for the next three years studying Tlingit. I worked at the Juneau School District at Dzantik’i Heeni Middle School for a year and a half as a paraeducator when I started working on this native arts integration ethnomathematics project with Kasey McNamee. I now work at Sealaska Heritage Institute as an art project coordinator.