Xaygwaay, Weaving Our World


There are important ways of life for our Tlingit and Haida people that are critical to the responsibility of weaving. Our ancestors created and left us a legacy of harvesting and weaving of materials that must be practiced with respect and mindfulness of ourselves and the environment, so that weaving will continue. I will share how our communities take care of each other during our happy and sad times. Tlingit and Haida peoples are matrilineal and believe it is important to hold up our father’s people to keep balance in our body, mind, and spirit. The celebrations of life and death have sustained our cultures since time immemorial. These stories add the spirit to our art forms. Our people believe there is a spirit in all things. The practice of formline, the spirit dimension of trees, fish, human beings, mountains, and glaciers are precious at.√≥ow (icons of our spirit world) of the people of this land.