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Save the Date! August 5-7, 2021

Culturally Responsive Education Conference

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Welcome to Our Cultural Landscape, Sealaska Heritage’s fourth culturally responsive education conference. This event provides educators and administrators with a deep understanding of culturally responsive education and equips them to transform their classrooms, pedagogy, and curriculum to fully support all students’ success—especially those who have been historically underserved, disenfranchised and marginalized by colonized systems.

Educators, administrators, university faculty, and community members are all welcome and encouraged to attend. Attendees will find engaging and informative sessions to support their thinking around culturally-responsive and sustaining pedagogies for K-12 and university settings, critical theory, place-based education, and possibilities for indigenizing curriculum and building safe social environments for all learners.

The main conference is scheduled Aug. 5-7; a pre-conference scheduled Aug. 2-4 will provide additional opportunities for educators to explore and participate in extended topics.


“The most important thing I learned today was that there are so many other ways to learn how to apply scientific ideas -- through Native stories, through a poem, actions, and a connection process.” – 2018 conference attendee “It was very powerful to hear the student voices on the panel of students put together by Mischa Jackson. I will remember to ask students questions that allow for them to apply cultural knowledge in their answers and to really listen to their voices.” – 2018 conference attendee “(The most important thing I learned today) came from Zaretta Hammond and was like a revelation. I need to restructure the delivery of my teaching so that students become problem solvers, not waiting for me to give them the next step.” – 2018 conference attendee “Today was one of the most influential days of professional learning in my career. Gunalchéesh to Sealaska Heritage.” – conference attendee from Juneau “I learned many important things today, but one of the most important points I noticed was that we need to make sure that schools and teachers don't dehumanize their students: Students have to be treated as unique individuals with power and voice, deserving of respect and understanding.” – 2018 conference attendee

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