Video Resources

Sealaska Heritage films many of its lectures, classes, and events, and posts them on YouTube,

Selected titles are listed below.

Series: Bringing Community into Culturally-Responsive Education (Shgen Geroge, Dan Monteith, Chookangee Tláa Mischa Jackson, Peggy Cowan, and Saankaláxt’ Ernestine Hayes) 

Series: Indigenous Language Revitalization (X’unei Lance Twitchell, Gulḵiihlgad, Marianne Ignace, Drs. Kauanoe Kamanā and William Wilson Patrick Werito, Shgen George, and Dan Monteith)

Northwest Coast Art Lecture Series (David R. Boxley, Lily Hope, Nicholas Galanin, Melissa Shaginoff & Joel Isaak, Preston Singletary, Crystal & Rico Worl, Christopher Green, Alison Bremner) 

Series: How to Carve a Tlingit Halibut Hook (Donald Gregory)

Storytime and Lullabies from Baby Raven Reads

Dr. Walter Soboleff on Education (Dr. Walter Soboleff)

David Katzeek on Tlingit education (David Katzeek)

Decolonizing Education: Nourishing Their Learning Spirits (Marie Battiste)

Tlingit Property Law and Cultural Appropriation (Rosita Worl)

Cultural Appropriation (excerpt of lecture above) (Rosita Worl)

Tlingit and Haida Halibut Fishing Technologies Part 1 (Angie Lunda)

Tlingit and Haida Halibut Fishing Technologies Part 2 (James White)

The Lifelong Effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) (Vincent J. Felitti)

The ‘Aha Pūnana Leo Approach To Hawaiian Language Revitalization (Drs. Kauanoe Kamanā and William Wilson)

Best Practices, Insights on Indigenous Language Revitalization (Gulkiihlgad, Marianne Ignace)

Indigenous Language Revitalization Strategies (X’unei Lance Twitchell)

History and Migration of Yakutat Kwáashk’i Kwáan from Copper River to Yakutat (Judith Ramos)

Highlights from a Video Archive of Yakutat Indigenous Knowledge (Aron Crowell and Judith Ramos)

At the Glacier’s Edge: People, Seals, and History at Yakutat Bay (Aron Crowell and Judith Ramos)

Herring Egg Distribution in Alaska (Thomas Thorton)

The Molly Hootch Case: Rejection of Mandatory Boarding Schools in Favor of Local Secondary Schools (Bruce Twomley)

The Alaska Federation of Natives and the Inclusion of Sealaska in ANCSA (Emil Notti)

Juneau Indian Village: Pilings, Pavement, and Politics (Ernestine Hayes)

Stories of Tlingit Leader Dr. Walter Soboleff (Albert Kookesh)

In Re Sah Quah: The Perils of Common Law Indigenous Rights (David Case)

Remembering William L. Paul, Sr. (Dennis Demmert)

Tee-Hit-Ton v. United States: A Case Study in Indigenous Injustice (Walter Echo-Hawk)

A Story Not Told: The Metlakatla Tsimshian Salmon Fishery (Steve J. Langdon)

The Tlingit & Haida Indians of Alaska v. United States (Chris McNeil)