UAS Credit Course (ED 593)

uas logoIn this one-credit UAS course participants will deepen and be able to apply their learning related to culturally responsive, sustaining, and revitalizing pedagogies.  Participants will reflect on and apply new learning related to instructional design, curricular resources, and creating educational opportunities focused on social justice, equity, and cultural connectedness to place.

Course Title: ST: Culturally Responsive Education Conference
UAS Course Code: ED 593
UAS CRN, Section: 53409, J05
Instructor: Lisa K. Richardson, PhD

Please contact Lisa at if you have any questions about course content.  Registration information below.

Course Requirements

Leading up to the Conference (by August 6):

  • Participants will read and respond to articles written by the featured speakers at the conference. One entry per article in a designated Reading and Reflection Journal (this will take the form of a Google Doc that will be shared with the instructor).  Entries should be approximately 1 page per article and pull forward specific references to the articles.  Use this as an opportunity to familiarize yourselves with the ideas and theories that underlie many of the presentations you will participate in over the course of the conference. These articles are loaded on the course site, and once you enroll for the course, you will have access to these articles on the course content tab.

During the Conference (August 6 - 8 )

  • Attend all three days (August 6 – 8) of the conference.
    • Attend each of the featured speaker sessions,
    • Attend a total of five breakout (out of a total of six possible) sessions on August 6 and 7.
  • Complete and submit evaluations for each session and at the end of each day.
  • Add to Reading and Reflection Journal in response to new learning and ideas for application to practice. You can use this as an opportunity to distill notes you make during the sessions you attend at the end of each day (1-2 pages per day).
  • Recommended but not required: Participants will attend a lunchtime (12:15-12:45) roundtable discussion on Friday, August 7 to discuss new learning with one another and to prepare questions for the featured speaker panel on Saturday morning.  One additional opportunity for meeting to share ideas will occur on Saturday, August 7  (1:15-1:45).

After the Conference: (DUE by August 11)

  • Develop a personal action plan (2-3 pages) that addresses any or all of the following:
    • Classroom climate;
    • Cultural connectedness and responsive education practices;
    • Curricular ideas;
    • Instructional routines or practices;
    • Additional applications of new learning to classroom practice specific to context.
  • Share plans to the Discussion thread on the Course page so that all participants in the course can access. (You can decide what portions of your personal action plan you would like to share to the discussion thread).
Registration Instructions for ED S593
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    5. Select the term Summer 2020
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For Professional Development/593 classes online registration is the only option. Paper registration forms received by the Registrar's office will not be processed and will be returned to the student.

If you are not already part of a degree program apply as a non-degree seeking student and then register for Professional Development/593 classes through UAOnline.

Students are allowed to drop the class prior to the first meeting. No drop or withdraw option is available once the class starts.

For more information contact the Alaska College of Education by phone at 907-796-6076 or through email ( or contact Kayti Coonjohn directly at